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In addition to pureplay FinTechs, some traditional banks are digitizing. Financial inclusion for billions of unbanked consumers in the developing world is coming into reach thanks to technology​

  1. Traditional banks face challenges from FinTech not dissimilar to brick and mortar retail's challenge from E-Commerce​

  2. But banks have generally been faster to respond to the data revolution, investing billions in developing websites, apps, branchless banking etc.​

  3. At best, these efforts have resulted in lower costs, wider net interest margins and the ability to perform data-driven algorithmic lending​

  4. Financial inclusion for billions of unbanked people in the developing world is finally coming into reach thanks to the power of these technologies​made comments and more.

Financial services is a growth industry in the emerging and frontier world, but the institutions will look unlike the traditional bank branches in developed markets. In these markets, the pace of transformation of micro-lending through technology is allowing citizens access to loans and a variety of financial products through last mile digital “banking” solutions.

With these new services, individuals in emerging and frontier markets have access to useful and affordable financial products such as transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance that would be otherwise impossible under traditional financial services providers.

Micro-lending, data-driven lending, mobile payments, Islamic banking, low-cost housing finance, all have niche growth stories applicable to emerging, frontier, and even to niches in developed markets as well.


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